Each day is independent. Registrations are done by the day.

Planning 2d quarter

From 9:30 am to 2pm, lunch included


Monday 8 : Annecy day
Guided tour of the Old Town + walk and chat
Monday 22 : Nature day
at the Imperial
Palace Speaker on mammals and birds of prey + Walk and chat.
Wednesday 24 :
Guided hike in Menthon -Saint-Bernard (at the lake side)
Monday 29 : Creative day
at the Imperial Palace
Photography workshop + Walk and chatalk and chat


Monday 6 :  Annecy Day
Guided tour of Le Palais de L’île + Walk and chat
Monday 13 : Art day
at the Imperial Palace

Speech of an a peinter+ Walk and Chat
Monday 20 : Nature Outing  

Guided Walk in the Natural protected area of Le Roc de Chère + Talloires Bay
Monday 27 : Cooking Day

Vegetarian cooking workshop  + “walk and chat”


Monday 3 :  Nature outing
Guided Walk at the Ermitage Saint Germain+ Talloires Bay
Monday 10 : Cooking day

Vegetarian cooking workshop + “walk and chat”
Monday 17 : Nature Outing  

Guided Walk at the Angon waterfall + Talloires Bay
Monday 24 : Nature Day

observation of the lake’s waterbirds (with LPO) + Walk and chat

Paysage du Lac d'Annecy vu du ciel

NATURE (indoors)
Speaker 1: Agroecology, let’s speak about the earth.
Speaker 2: Biodiversity, let’s speak about animals
Speaker 3: Water ….
Speaker 4: Author of a podcast about mountains.
speaker 5 : wildlife on our mountains.

NATURE (outdoors)
Activity 1: Hiking with a guide and explainations.
Activity 2: Protecting wildlife.
Activity 3: Nature awareness
Activity 4: Organic vegetable farm

THE PLANET (indoor)
Activity 1: The climate fresk : a game to understand the fundamental science behind climate change.
Activity 2: Carbon footprint workshop to calculate your own carbon footprint
Activity 3: The film “Demain Annecy” deciphered by the trainer.

Activity 1: Creative cooking workshop
Activity 2: Floral design workshop (artificial flowers)
Activity 3: Weaving workshop
Activity 4: Photography workshop

Course content

ART: (indoors)
Speaker 1: a painter: technique, inspiration, history.
Speaker 2: a writer: his book, his inspiration, his past and his projects.
Speaker 3: a poet: discovering and understanding poems.
Speaker 4 : a videographer : the cinema professions

WELL-BEING (indoors)
Speaker 1 : a yoga teacher: the history of yoga, values, thinking, different practices.
Speaker 2 : a naturopath : food to cure.
Speaker 3 : a life coach: what he does, some suggestions for personal reflection.
Speaker 4 : a psychologist: what is well-being ?
Speaker 5 : review or lear “life-saving gestures”  (cardiopulmonary resuscitation etc….)

Activity 1: Guided tour of the old town and its history
Activity 2: Guided tour of the  Annecy Castle
Activity 3: Guided tour of the old prisons
Activity 4: Guided tour of the AAA workshop and creation of an animated film.
Activity 5: “Mysteries of the lake” riddle game
Activity 6: Guided tour or sailing on the Espérance III ‘old sailing ship’

Promenade en forêt

Workshop half-days from 9:30 am to 2pm

Outdoor Workshop days from 9:30 am to 4pm

Indoor Workshop days from 9:30am to 4 pm

That’s 7 hours of non-stop French!

Multi-day live-in courses are available on request.