Acadelie :

Acadelie : Language School

I offer an interactive teaching environment based on immersion into French culture and language.

Intensive days of activities and

Intensive days of activities and mini-conferences



Professionals and enthusiasts local to Annecy present lectures lasting 1.5 hours, in their field of expertise. The speakers share their knowledge and experience with you, and you are invited to ask questions and share your opinions and thoughts.



Experts will guide you to make an object, others will take us to explore places and nature. Professionals will introduce you to original activities. You will be able to discover a new passion at the same time as vocabulary!



Each lecture or activity is followed by a session with the trainer to recap the vocabulary heard, the expressions used and a specific grammar point. You will be given a written document.



In addition, during breaks and meals, informal conversations with the speakers, the trainer and other trainees allow you to continue to practice French while getting to know each other.

Echange entre plusieurs stagiaires voulant apprendre le Français à Annecy
Apprentissage du Français pendant le déjeuner

Objectives & Benefits

You will quickly feel more comfortable in French thanks to the immersion.


The days are friendly, fun, culturally stimulating. All activities are essentially interactive with the speaker and other trainees. You will end the day with a smile, new contacts and new knowledge in French language and about France.

Language recall

Recall is improved with the help of contextual learning and a natural, communicative, activity-based approach to language.

Common terms

You will find yourself applying newly acquired language skills quickly because the conference topics relate to modern society and current issues.


The themes on offer are varied and there is something for everyone.
The socio-cultural activities provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in French culture and that of the Alps.
We will cover social issues common to all 5 continents as well as subjects specific to the Annecy region.
Other themes and dates can be arranged on request.

That’s 7 hours of non-stop French!

Possible themes
0 h


The lectures are open to adults learning French who want to improve their language skills.
The language level is from A2 to C2.
Moreover, French speakers such as an enrolled partner can of course accompany you to benefit from the lectures (please contact me for a special price).



All-inclusive price : snacks, lunch (starter + main course, or main course + dessert without drink), speakers, activities, French langage explanations, equipment, and documents.
120 euros
half day : 1 activity + walk and chat
185 euros per day : 2 activities


Conference rooms or outdoors

The beauty of the setting adds to the pleasure of learning

Hôtel Le Pelican à Annecy

Le Pelican

Hotel - Restaurant - Conference centre

Ville d'Annecy


Nicknamed the "Little Venice of the Alps".

Hôtel Imperial à Annecy

L'Imperial Palace

An idyllic setting combining charm and elegance

Vieille ville d'Annecy
Examens du DELF à Annecy

Graduate in teaching French as a foreign language

I’m Mélanie Achram, a French as a Foreign Language teacher in Annecy.
I give courses at all levels from A1 to C1 and prepare students for the DELF and FIDE exams. In 2024, I launched ACADELIE to “learn differently”.