Mélanie Achram

I have been a French as a Foreign Language teacher since 2015.
Before that, I spent 15 years working as a chemist in an international cosmetics company before moving to Annecy and starting a new career thanks to my DAEFLE (Diplôme d’Aptitude à l’Enseignement du Français Langues Etrangère) awarded by the Alliance Française in Paris.
I give courses at all levels from A1 to C1 and prepare students for the DELF and FIDE exams. In 2024, I launched ACADELIE to “learn differently”.
My experience as a teacher is complemented by my professional attitude and my friendly, attentive nature.
I put my students at ease and provide them with the explanations and corrections they need to make progress.

Why Acadelie?

A: Learning French through a variety of activities
C: the cultural activities on offer are fascinating
A : the courses take place in the magnificent town of Annecy
D : Discussion and oral expression will be encouraged with the teachers and between students.
E : Listening (Écoute) and oral comprehension will practiced thanks to the lectures
L : Enrichment of French language vocabulary and expressions.
I: Improving your level through immersion.
E: A dynamic and friendly school (École).